The Marketplace at Birka
Manchester, NH
January 08
A Quiet Corner
for an Unquiet Household ++

Our thanks go to our Wanderstamm house mates for making our annual pilgrimage to the great marketplace at Birka most enjoyable, and to Lady Camille and her parents for hosting us for the weekend!

Max & Mickel


Further, my humble gratitude belongs to those responsible for my induction into the Order of the Sagittarius, to Master Edward for the incredible scroll, to Master Julien for the fine enameled badge, and to all who kept the secret. Thank you all; it was a magnificent gift.


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A Card?*


Such concentration! ++

Mickel & Ninian *

Some of Us

A Bunch of Us

More of Us


Justin & Astrid *

Q's Silver Crescent *


Induction into the Order of the Sagittarius*





Prelude to Heart's Ease


Practice for Gae Gordons

What passes in some cultures as a warm greeting. . . **






Badge by Master Julien deLapointe

Scroll by Master Edward McGyver

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