Market Day at Birka
Manchester, NH
January 27 & 28, 2006

Relaxing before the Birka Ball

Having each achieved the rank of Grand Master Bowman within minutes of each other at the same archery event, with aggregate scores not a point apart, and each with gear built by the other, it was only fitting that Lord Alexandre and I received our awards at the same event. Miles of Whitewood Hall also was to be made a Peer, and Haus Wanderstamm had eagerly agreed to stand guard at his vigil. For these reasons did we travel to the Market at Birka.

As though the shopping were not enough excuse!!

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Guarding Miles . . .
. . . for Boden.*

Lord Alexandre demonstrates the need for a folded brim.*

"You would not believe their destructive abilities!"*

Miles' entourage

Mickel holds up the rear,
and the cloak!

Miles, before the Royals

Household regalia*

Camile's secret

This is not the Bard you are looking for. . .

Haus Wanderstamm

Calligraphy and illumination by Baroness Sarra the Lymner
Inspired by The Hours of Mary of Burgundy, 15c

Archery awards did not make the docket for Royal Court, and for whatever reason the presentation of the Grand Master Bowman awards could not be postponed. The awards were instead issued to Lord Alexandre and I in the morning, in a conference room (arguably "Royal Court" by sole virtue of the presence of TRMs), while our Household and friends waited outside.

As Lord Alexandre's scroll will be mailed to him when it is finished, mine alone was presented. The text is not altogether complimentary towards crossbowmen (who lost famously at the battles mentioned), but the expert hand and glowing illumination of Baroness Sarra the Lymner did much to salvage the occasion, for me at least.

Would that I could return the favor! This scroll will, alas, never have its due moment in Royal Court; to be raised up to the appreciation and applause of "all and singular". It is instead displayed here, in humble thanks to a most worthy Scribe.


Maxton Gunn

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