Haus Wanderstamm Archery Championship
Waterboro, ME
September 4, 2006

Mickel takes careful aim during a qualifying round at the wily Malagentian Boar!

Our Household Archery Tournament consisted of three separate challenges of skill, speed, and sagacity:

The first part was an afternoon of "fantasy" Royal Rounds, in which Archers pieced together totals from their best scores on each of the various stages!

The second part tested each Archer's ability to shoot into a crowd to pin a miscreant's right foot to the floor. Hitting his left foot was almost as good. Hitting the shoes of his lady was good too, as one must be careful of the company one keeps; right? Hitting the shoes of others was BAD, which made for some careful decision making.

The last challenge was a Malagentian Boar Hunt, in which Archers qualified for each successive round by hitting their increasingly elusive quarry. The event was brought to a sudden and unexpected conclusion in the fourth round, when one Archer alone cleaned off the target stand!

Congratulations to Nicolas d'Oliveres, the new Archery Champion of Haus Wanderstamm, for having remained undefeated in all three challenges, against a field of the finest Archers in the province
and a Bard.


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 Firing Line

 The Blind Bard . . .

A Good Malagentian Boar 

Sweeping the Finals 

The tournament was followed by a feast, and a fire:





Alexandre and Muirin

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