ON THE GO 2016 July thru December  

Eric, Cindy, and Alexei Sondergeld brought Alvaro, a Spanish exchange student to Lake Beebe on  the weekend after the Fourth of July . Alvaro enjoyed seeing Serena Williams beat Anjelique Kerber to win Wimbledon and her 22nd major, and Andy Murray from Scotland winning his second Wimbledon over Milos Raonic from Canada. But Alvaro  really enjoyed watching Portugal beat favorite France 1-0 in overtime to win the EU Soccer Championship.


              Don                                            Alvaro                                 Eric           Cindy                          Alexei

We taught Alvaro to play Oh Hell.  He and Alexei helped us place a new buoy and anchor in Lake Beebe for our float.

On Wednesday July 13 we saw a terrific play at the Theater in Weston, VT:  The Man From La Mancha.  We then had dinner in the new Pub at the Victorian Inn in Wallingford.

                Theater in Weston, VT                                             View from Deck behind theater

 Our youngest grandchild, Erin Principe, is 16, and is  at camp in New Hampshire.  Here she is with her friend. Why can't we see her friend's teeth, an important feature used in judging horses?

On July 17, 2016 Aleksey used his Kayak as a sailboat!

On July 18, the "Ladies of The Lake" had a farewell cocktail party for Ida Jane Gallagher. The party was hosted by Betty Moran and her sister Joan Burns at Joan's. Ida Jane and Jack Gallagher were the first to purchase property from June Sherline in 1964 when June closed Camp Awanee. Don and Mary viewed their "camp" in 1965 and had an identical one built the following year.  It was not quite identical as we paid an extra $1000 to have two floors. On July 19, 2016 Don helped Ida Jane with last minute packing. Jack is 89 and has been ill so is in South Carolina.  Ida will head south tomorrow, July 20.


On Saturday July 23 Sherry Boudreau had her annual High School Class Reunion with about 18 girlfriends.  Mid afternoon their flotilla got blown to the south end of the lake and later they went down to rescue the armada.  Here is the rescue.

Also, on July 23, we had a family dinner. Mary & Don,         Amy & Tom,        Karla, David & Erin.

At 5 pm Don, Mary, David, Karla and Erin attended Hubbardton Family Day at the Battlefield.  It was postponed from the previous day.  We had a choice of pork, from the pig roast, or chicken.


 We arrived too late to see our cleaning lady, Mary Helm, win the Women's Frying Pan Toss.  She threw 63 feet!. We skipped the fireworks. Past our bedtime.  But here she is at our house showing her winning form with an undersized skillet.

On Tuesday July 26 we drove to Kent Pond near Rt 100 and Rt 4 east of Killington, past Mountain Meadows, to a 10 minute boardwalk hike to Thundering Brook Falls.  No thunder as it was dry!

On Wednesday July 27 we went to the 2 pm show "In The Garden" the third of a trilogy on a dysfunctional family involving three sisters.  Very  funny.  We saw Brittany Marie (who wants to be called "Sammy" as does Don, whose Muslim name is "Samit" which means "The Quiet One.  Some of the  Beebe Pond Turtles were also there. See waterfalls behind the Ladies Of The Lake: Anne Holland, Marilyn Brostek, Barb Dellamonte, and Mary below by the  West River in Weston.

 We then drove by the Echo Lake Inn and the beautiful view of Echo Lake on Rt 100 where we looked for property on a lake in 1964.

On Thursday, July 28 Erin Principe saw the smallest of the four Red Foxes born to a vixen under one of the stables at the Masons.

On Friday July 29, 2016 Don saw the new 28' x 48' modular home that was delivered to Bobby Gibbs last Monday in two sections and then joined on a new foundation. His home burned last winter. The new home was built in Lyndonville, VT.

That evening we celebrated David Principe's 46th birthday at the Red Clover Inn.  It has a nice view of Pico on Woodward Road.  Atone time owned by the Woodward Family.  See pictures.

On Saturday July 30, 2016 most of the people on Lake Beebe were invited to a Pig Roast to celebrate Charlie Reller's 85th birthday.  A great family and a wonderful celebration for a terrific guy.  Here he is relaxing.

On Wednesday August 3 we tried to celebrate our 59th wedding anniversary. We had lunch at the Club House at the golf course at Lake St Catherine, went to a matinee at Dorset Playhouse, and planned to have dinner and spend the night at the Inn At Weathersfield near Springfield, Vermont. Instead, Don fainted near the end of the first act, was taken by ambulance to Rutland Hospital  He was kept over night, and was released the next day at noon after many tests.  The same thing happened to him six years ago in the same theater near the end of the first act.  He was diagnosed then and now as "syncope", low blood pressure after sitting a long time, blood in lower extremities, and not enough to the head and the result is fainting.

On Thursday August 4, 2016 we saw a loon fishing in front of the Zeolis.

On Friday, August 5, 2016 Karen, Duncan, Ryan, Caitlin, and Duncan's mom arrived for the weekend.  Karen spent some time training Mary's birthday present of a pink flamingo.

On Tuesday August 23, 2016 we caught the person eating cough drops in Mary's  car.

On Thursday August 25, 2016 we had rebooked the Inn At Weathersfield in Perkinsville, Vermont to have dinner and to spend the night for a deferred celebration of our 59th wedding anniversary. (Don had spent August 3 in Rutland Hospital).  We stayed in the beautiful Lincoln Room on the first floor.  All rooms are named after covered bridges in Vermont and the Lincoln bridge is near Woodstock.  The food was terrific.  The next day we drove to nearby Springfield, home of the oldest 1790 "Eureka" school house and where the movie The Simpsons premiered.  The TV show was set in the fictional town of Springfield.  Sixteen US incorporated towns named Springfield were considered, but Springfield, Vermont was chosen for the premiere. In the voting, the Springfields  were 1 VT, 2, IL, and 3 OR.  See slide show of the Inn At Weathersfield.

Labor Day Weekend.  Amy Tom & Aleksey were up for a great weekend, weatherwise.  Karla David & Erin were at their house also here at Lake Beebe.  The excitement was Phil Rollman's Boy Scouts at his camp (Moose Lodge) from Thus nite to Mon morning.  They had a great time in the lake.  Two community projects were trail clearing on the hike to Eagle Rock and also on the hike to High Pond.  Here they are below:

Below is the Red Fox at Lake Beebe that Erin saw on July 28, 2016 that Don and Mary saw on September 8, 2016 crossing Birch Road by the Zeolis..

On Saturday September 10, 2016 we had a nice meal at the Shoreham Inn.  Our waitress is from Shoreham and her family has 1300 cows, 900 are being milked one to three times per day.

On September 12:  A Bald Eagle flew over the lake and Lake Beebe's Blue Heron, below, was on our dock. 

On Wednesday September 21,2016 we flew to San Francisco for the  wedding of David Sondergeld and Kit Neal. David picked us up at SFO and we had dinner with David, Kit and Kyle at 398 Northgate in Daly City and saw the new kitchen and other improvements recently completed. We spent the next two nights at the Marriott Residence Inn near SFO.  On Thursday Karen had breakfast with us, picked up our rental car, and drove south to an estate called FILOLI in Woodside, CA.  http://filoli.org/ We toured the beautiful house and formal gardens and had lunch.  Karen then drove us to SFO for a quick tour and we then took a nap in her small well situated apartment.  Don and Mary then had dinner with David & Kit at Joe's in Daly City.

On Friday, Don & Mary drove to Sausalito, across the Golden Gate Bridge from SF, and had lunch at the Spinnaker. We then drove about an hour south to Half Moon Bay and checked into the Beach House.  Eric bunked in with us as Alexei was sick so Cindy & Alexei stayed in CT.  The three of us had dinner at Sam's Chowder House.  On Saturday, Mary was not feeling well so we laid low and skipped dinner.

On Sunday, Don had lunch with Karen, and four Principes. At 4:15 pm David & Kit were married outside with a great view of Half Moon Bay.  A very clear warm day, with dinner and dancing that followed. Click here for an extensive hodge hodge of pictures.

On Monday we drove to Monterey and stayed at the Hyatt Monterey.  We had a late dinner at the hotel after watching Hilllary destroy Trump in a debate from 6 - 7:30 pm.  On Tuesday we drove 10 miles south to California's terrific Point Lobos State Natural Reserve http://www.pointlobos.org/ with its breath taking beauty where Don took a lot of pictures.  We then had lunch at the Hyatt Carmel Highlands on a cliff overlooking Point Lobos. We have done this before and it has a tremendous view. 

We then returned to the Marriott Residence Inn.  Don dropped the rental car at SFO and took the shuttle back to the hotel.  Duncan then picked us up and we joined Karen and Ryan for Karen's birthday dinner at The Fish Market in San Mateo.  We flew back to Burlington on Wednesday, picked up our car, had dinner at Pauline's and was welcomed home by Crystal, Amy's cat who we host when we are in VT.

On Sunday October 16, 2016 we drove to Newfane, VT and had lunch and then to Hartford, CT.  We had dinnner at Amy's with Amy, Eric & Karla and their families.  See below.  The next afternoon we flew to Florida to spend the next two months

On Saturday October 22, 2016 Penn State upset Ohio State in football.  The Chicago Cubs will probably win the World Series over the Cleveland Indians.  We expect Hillary will beat The Donald in the Presidential Election.  We had a great lunch at The Turtle Club on Sunday the 23rd.

David and his dog Bowdie have a new remodeled kitchen. David's mother still loves him and wishes him well in his new job.  Is it in the circus or on the High Seas?.

On Thursday November 3 Don drove to FT Myers and bought a 2012 Toyota Camry Solara with 81K miles for $4,900.  We picked it up two days later on Saturday.


On Friday November 4 we had beautiful Orchids and a great dinner:

On Tuesday November 8, 2016 we were shocked to see Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton  to become our 45th President of the United States.

On Friday November 11 we went to the FL Repertory Theater in Ft Myers to see "Over The River And Through The Woods", entertaining but a bit maudlin.  Had dinner at the Austrian German Restaurant.

On Sunday November 13, 2013, Don won in Chicago, a four person  bridge game, with cousin Doris Bell & Mark Boyer & Mary.and then celebrated his 86th birthdy at the Ritz in Naples

On Wednesday November 23, we had an early Thanksgiving with Don's cousin Doris Bell, and her son Michael and his wife Mary from Rochester NY.

On November 24, Thanksgiving, Don put up our already decorated Christmas Tree in Naples.                        


On November 27 we added another string of lights and an ANGEL.

Below are our children on Thanksgiving.  The three youngest: Karla, Amy and Eric in Connecticut.                 The two oldest: Karen and David in California.

On December 15, 2016 we went to Tuba Christmas at the Sulden on Fifth Avenue in Naples, FL.

We had a late lunch at La Playa on Sunday December 18 as Turtle Club closed at 2:30 pm.

Christmas Eve:  Ice Skating Rink on X Mas Eve at Sondergeld home on Lake Beebe in Hubbardton, VT


David Kit and Kyle flew from SF  for 5 days.  Owen is traveling around North America in his van was here for 3.5 days.   Below is "Our Gang" except for the three Principes (who are taking Erin to Horse Camp) and the Whitneys who are in Hawaii.

Below are Kyle, Kit, David and Owen Sondergeld.

Lake Beebe became a 110 acre ice skating rink on December 29, 2016.

Abanaki Chief Buffalo Horn wishes everyone a Happy New Year

Below: We have an almost remodeled Master Bath in VT.





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