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ON THE GO 2015 January thru June  

Our son David had a three day meeting in Manhattan.  He flew to Florida on Friday, January 9, 2015.  We had dinner with him at Kellys that Friday evening, lunch at the Turtle Club on Saturday and breakfast at Skillets on Sunday.  We played seven games of Oh Hell.  We let him win the first two as he was our guest, but then Mary and Don won the next five, of which Mary won three to become Queen of the Hill.

                                Turtle Club                                             David                     Mary               Don

Karla & David sent Mary one flower arrangement per month for three months.  Here is the first one. Also we had dinner with Bev and Jack Grald on January 21 at Bonefish Grill.


On January 27, 2015 there was a huge snowstorm in the Northeast.  Trying as hard as they could, it took forever to dig Aleksey out.

On Sunday February 1 we went on a 3 hour Sunrise Swamp Buggy Tour at Corkscrew Swamp.  Also on the tour were Ruth and Ken Ruskin , friends of Mary and Joe Wolons.

On Wednesday, February 4,  we drove to the Rod and Gun Club in Everglades City to have lunch with Brita Tate and her friend Ernie.  Ernie is attending a reunion of his CCNY college fraternity, Alpha Phi Delta, in Tavernier in the Florida Keys at mile marker 92..

Amy Tom & Aleksey arrived in Naples Thursday evening February 6 and fly back to Connecticut Sunday afternoon. Aleksey enjoyed biking at Lover's Key and kayaking near Marco Island.

We had dinner and watched the sun set at HBs On The Gulf on Saturday February 7.

David and Karen now see more of one another in San Francisco.  See bellow:

David has a pair of Horned Owls living across the street in a Cypress along the ocean in California.

On Sunday we visited Don's cousin Doris Bell at Lexington CC in Ft Myers. Florida.

In March, Eric, Cindy, Alexei, and Cindy's mom (Helen Bednarz) rented a condo on the causeway between Bradenton and Anna Maria Island.  On March 18 they visited us in Naples and we went to the Naples Botanical Garden.

On the way back to Anna Maria, they stopped at Sanibel Island to go shelling and had dinner at the Greenhouse Grill.  Eric said: "Best Italian food we've ever had.".

On Sunday March 22, 2015 we met Dave and Fran Wakely in Venice for lunch.  Here we are, but the picture is from last April!

On Thursday April 23, 2015 we had a nice dinner at Lafayette RFestaurant before a cute play: "Last Romance" at The Sugden.

On Sunday April 26 we had the usual brunch at The Lexington CC in Ft Myers with Don's cousin Doris Bell and Mark, one of her bridge partners.  We then played six rounds of Chicago bridge, and Mark won as he did on our last visit.  Also Doris could not open her garage door as there was no power.  Her neighbor Jack and some others helped fix the problem.  (Only needed to press the red button on the ground switch interrupter.  The motor to the garage door opener plugs into that outlet which needed to be reset.  That should not have eliminated all electricity to every outlet, but it did.).

On Friday May 1 we flew from Naples, FL to Hartford, CT. Helen Fine arrived from Naples withour car and then flew back to FL.  On Saturday we celebrated Eric's 53rd birthday with a South of the Border dinner at Karla's.  Zach missed the celebration as the Junior Prom took precedence.

On Friday evening we visited the Steven Jupiter Gallery in Frog Hollow in Middlebury, VT where we viewed Stepven's beautiful framed  photographs of Hubbardton Creek.  David Wallace owns the small home and waterfalls on Ganson Hill Road across from Beebe Pond.  David and Steven now live there full time. Steven's pictures are of what he calls "Hubbardton Creek" See  www.stevenjupiter.com

We also ran into Fred and Janet Greenman there, learned their daughter lives near Woody Jackson whose exhibits on cows were in the gallery across the street. We ended up joining Fred and Janet for dinner at Two Brothers.


Karen and Duncan have now completed their move to San Francisco.  Coincident with the move, Duncan's company, Veracyte, Inc.  which is a molecular diagnostics company pioneering the field of molecular cytology, announced the online publication of a study on the derivation of the company’s Percepta Bronchial Genomic Classifier, which is used to help patients avoid unnecessary invasive procedures as part of lung cancer diagnosis.

“Our goal was to develop a genomic test that could help identify current or former smokers who are at low risk of cancer following an inconclusive bronchoscopy, so that these patients can potentially avoid unnecessary invasive biopsies,” said Duncan H. Whitney, Ph.D., vice president of discovery research at Veracyte. “Based on this preliminary work, we believe we have accomplished that. We look forward to publication of two subsequent clinical validation studies.”

 Read complete article.

On Sunday, May 17, 2015 Sherry Boudreau, our neighbor, had a surprise retirement party for her husband Mike at the VFW in Rutland, VT.  Below are some pics of "Iron Mike".

On Monday, May 18, 2015 we met our good friends Stan and Harriet Joseph for lunch at the Fair Haven Inn.  They had attended the graduation of a grandson at  Lawrence College and were on their way to Hanover, NH to visit their youngest son Richard and family before flying to their home in Sun Vallley, ID.

Thursday May 21 was a sad day.  Gray Boy, our family cat, went in for an operation to remove a growth in his mouth.  During the procedure it was diagnosed as  malignant and more invasive than thought.  Rather than continuing with the procedure, we decided it was best that he not wake up.  See slide show.

On Wednesday May 27, 2015 we had lunch with Arnold Abelson on the porch of the Middlebury Inn.  We all loved the strawberry soup.

On Saturday May 30, 2015 we bought perennials in Queensbury, NY and had lunch at the Heidelberg.  See slide show.

On Wednesday June 6, 2015 we had lunch with our granddaughter Caitlin Whitney at Cafe Provence in Brandon. We then  stopped at the waterfalls on Breese Mill Brook north of High Pond Ski Area in Hubbardton. Also took a picture of Caitlin at the ski area where some of our kids first skiied.

On June 11, 2015 we saw strange sights at Beebe Pond: Nine visitors from Canada and our neighbors  Mike Boudreau and , Phil Rollman,

At 6:15 pm Amy and Aleksey helped celebrate Mary's 81st birthday at Fire and Ice in Middlebury, Vermont.

Fire And Ice   by Robert Frost

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire,
I hold with those who favor fire.

But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate,
To say that for destruction, ice
Is also great, and would suffice.

On Sunday June 13, 2015 Phil Rollman had a birthday.

Below is the tent for the Boudreau Rehearsal Dinner and Don's new Woodstock Chimes: Listen at www.chimes.com

Yes Mary's niece Anna DiMatteo graduated from the 8th Grade (on honor roll for 3 years in Middle School).  Here she is with proud parents Allison Towne DiMatteo and Chris DiMatteo.  Hard to believe they are all Maineacs.



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