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ON THE GO 2013 July thru December

 Nick Zeoli.  The coach celebrated his 90th birthday on July 1. There party was attended by a large contingent of family and many friends.  It was held at his home on  Beebe Pond in Hubbardton, Vermont.  Two weeks later Tracy Contant Novack was at her vacation home on Beebe Pond.  She stopped by for a visit.

          Nick Zeoli and daughter Nicki                                                  Mary                                    Tracy

Granddaughter Sara Whitney, a 2013 UVM grad liked her stay in Malawi (Nyasaland) in South Africa last year training  elephants to eat out of her hand.

A few years ago, all Sara wanted to do was pick flowers.  Sara is now in Namibia, a little further north of Malawi.  Here she is at a watering hole reading her instruction manual on counting zebras, but counting street dancers instead of zebras.

In July Amy, Tom & Aleksey cruised from Vancouver BC to Alaska. They flew home from Anchorage.  See pics.

August 3, 2013 grandson Owen visited us on our 56th wedding anniversary.  We played "Crazy Hat Oh Hell".

On August 6, 2013 we had a nice sunrise, that Don missed the spectacular part. Here is a hint of the view below.

August 10, 2013 we attended the 70th wedding anniversary celebration of our 90 year young friends Arnold and Mildred Abelson at the Brandon Music Cafe.  August 16, 2013 Brita Tate plus Don and Mary visited Carson (Kit) Davidson's Japanese Garden at Mount Zion in East Hubbardton, Vermont. Alyssa Bennett is the caretaker there.

On August 20, 2013 Don went soaring with Bob Goode in Warren, Vermont.  These former roommates and actuaries were towed from 1500 to 4500 feet.  After getting a thermal, which brought us to over 5000 feet,  these  82 year old "mile high actuaries" soared for about an hour.  Its great to be high.

On August 25, 2013 Rhoda Babcock Bannon turned 80.  We drove 45 miles to her home on Assembly Point on Lake George to help her family celebrate.

Eric uses Don's old Baritone in concerts given by the Canton CT band.  Here he is playing a solo titled "Baritone Execution".  He has not given up his day job.  Although he is talented, the pay is poor.

Labor Day Weekend Phil Rollman had about 45 up from Pennsylvania (about 30 Boy Scouts and 15 Adults) for four days. Here are some pictures. Below you find him: with Riley on June 1, and later on September 2  relaxing after the fun filled weekend.

On September 12, 2013 Thad Poremski removed a dead 90 foot high pine on our property, much to the chagrin of a pileated woodpecker.  He also trimmed one of pine trees in front of John and Mary Doherty's so they have a better view of Beebe Pond from their porch.  Click for slide show.

     Cutting down a 90 foot high dead pine           Trimming a white pine on Birch Road

.On Saturday October 5, 2013 we drove to Wilmington, VT.  We took the 3 minute ferry at Larrabee's Point across Lake Champlain to Ticonderoga, up to Keene, NY and then to Wilmington, NY.  A great  Octoberfest at Whiteface Mountain.  The drive was 80 miles and almost 2.5 hours.  Returning was 83 miles but less than  2 hours via Elizabethtown, Westport, and the new Crown Point Bridge.  The parking spots for trail heads along the way were filled as it was a beautiful day for hiking. Lots of reds and the fall colors were great.  Was not sunny, so the attached pictures could have been better.  Slide show.  Mary enjoyed Octoberfest.

Last year we met Mary's brother John Towne and wife Connie at the Franconia Inn in Franconia Notch NH.  This year we met them along with Mary's wicked stepmother Evelyn at the Notchland Inn in Crawford Notch NH.


        . ..                                ..........................Don, Mary, Evelyn, Connie, & John at Notchland Inn on 10.12. 2013

Here are three slide shows:  Vermont to North Conway, NH      Notchland, NH       Mount Washington to Vermont  


Eagle Rock at Beebe Pond on 10.13.2013


Pina Colada time at Rod & Gun Club on 10.20.2013.    Mary and Don Sondergeld

Don is 83 on 11.13.2013.  With Steve & Sandy Earl and Mary at Escargot 41.

Sunrise in Naples, Florida.

On Sunday November 24, 2013 we visited the beautiful Naples Botanical Garden. Slide show.

On Wednesday November 27, 2013 we had dinner at the Lexington CC in Ft Myers with Don's twin cousins  Dulcy and Doris Burton, daughters of Don's mother's sister Agnes Kinsel Burton. In attendance were: Doris with one son Michael and his wife Mary and Dulcy with one son Scott Keller  and one daughter Gail Stark with her husband TJ Winons, son Timothy, daughter Kathy and youngest son Max.  A very nice family gathering. Dulcy and Doris will celebrate their 85th birthday tomorrow, on Thanksgiving. Ted Bell will arrive on Thanksgiving for dinner.

    Doris, her son Michael Bell & his wife Mary       Scott Keller,     Dulcy,      Gail, Max,  "TJ",   Kathryn, Timothy

On December 11, 2013 Steve Earl and his 12 apostles helped celebrate Steve's 80th birthday (two days early) at the Bleu Provence in Naples, FL. Here is Steve and the women in his life: daughter Rebecca and wife Sandy.

On December 15 we flew from Ft Myers to Laguardia to Burlington, VT. Picked up a rental car and drove to Hubbardton.  No water at our house, as the door to the basement was left open, probably at Thanksgiving, and the water pipes froze.  Although the pump for the well was turned off, five broken pipes in the basement leaked water on to the rock floor when Larry turned the thermostat up to 70 degrees and Don closed the door and the pipes unfroze.. The next day, Craig Roberts, our plumber, and his helper spent 2.5 hours fixing broken pipes while we went to Burlington, returned the rental car,  and had lunch at Paulines.  So much for suburban living!

Karla and David and family were at their house here at the lake for Christmas.  Brita Tate arrive Christmas afternoon.  Amy, Tom and Aleksey came up the day after Christmas.  Here are a few pictures.

                   Zach                                       Aleksey                    Mary                                 Brita                    Karla

                      Mary                                         Brita                                        Karla                           David

                                      Zach                                               Aleksey                                       Erin    


                                                     Don                                                      Tom               Amy

On Saturday December 28, Karen and Duncan arrived for an over nite after spending a week skiing in Tahoe with Duncan's family plus David Sondergeld et al.

                             Gray                                         Duncan      Karen                             Karen        Amy       Karla       

Karen ice skating on December 29, 2013.

On December 31, Dave Kulgren, Tom's father, returned to CT after two days with us. Here are the Kulgren's:

                   Amy                                       Dave                               Tom                                         Dave

We had  our 4-6 pm New Years Eve Party. that lasted until 7:30 pm.  A nice time with many children and a pinata.  See the slide show.





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